We serve foremost in the following fields:

Commercial Law

  • Start – up advisory
  • Founding of new companies and other legal entities
    • limited liability company
    • joint-stock company
    • other companies
  • Founding of new Co-operative societies
  • Founding of branches and joint ventures
  • Changes in companies – transfer of shares, extension of business licenses, changes of CEO, reduction and increase of the basic capital, reorganization of companies
  • Mergers and aquisitions, division of companies
  • General Meetings records, Decisions of the only shareholder
  • Due diligence
  • Legal analysis and opinions
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Legal relations between shareholders, CEOs …
  • Drafting and annotating of contracts
  • Assistance in business meetings
  • Recovery of debts
  • Adjustment of disputes
  • Representation in court cases as well as before public authorities

Labour Law

  • Organizational structure advisory
  • Labour contracts
  • Agreements on Work outside Employment
  • Drafting of the Rules of organization, Labour rules, other inner rules of the employer
  • Cancellation of the labour relation
  • Advisory in Collective Redundancies
  • Personal leasing
  • Legal Assessment of the Labour Contracts
  • Representation in labour disputes
  • Representation before Labour Inspectorate

Real estate law

  • Legal audit of the real estate ownership relations
  • Drafting and annotating of the contracts regarding real estate transfer of ownership
  • Drafting and annotating of the contracts regarding Easements and other Rights in rem
  • Drafting and annotating of the lease contracts
  • Assistance in meetings
  • Representation before public authorities

Civil Law

  • Drafting of Contracts (e.g.: Purchase Contract, Lease Contract, Contract for Work, Deed of Donation …)
  • Settlement of the Tenancy by the Entirety and Joint Co-Ownership
  • Founding of Civil Associations, Foundations, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Legal analysis and opinions
  • Representation in court trials and before public authorities
  • Advisory in compensation of a damage or unjust enrichment
  • Advisory in the field of intellectual property
  • Legal services in the field of assecuration of legal relations: Lien, Guarantee, Contractual Fine, Interests, Right of Retention


  • Conditions of making business in traditional as well as in renewable energy resources
  • Legal relations in construction, connecting and operating of energy projects
  • Purchase contracts regarding energy projects
  • Heat-power engeneering
  • Contracts on supplement of heat, electric energy
  • Communication with the Regulation Office and other public authorities in the Slovak Republic

Legal advisory for the local authorities

  • Legal advisory for the local representations
  • Founding of budget and allowance organizations
  • Founding of companies with shares owned by the local authorities
  • Legal advisory in the activities of the local authorities
  • Assistance in meetings with investors
  • Drafting and annotating of contracts
  • Representation in court trials
  • Legal analysis and opinions

Investments in the Slovak Republic

  • Legal service regarding brownfield and greenfield projects
  • Legal advisory connected to the state aid, EU funds, other public financial resources
  • Legal advisory for projects financed by the banks
  • Legal analysis and opinions
  • Assistance in meetings
  • Representantion before respective public authorities in the Slovak Republic